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Meet Our Donors

Gary and Chris Johnson

Gary and Chris Johnson Seek to Bring Fun, Games to Mott Patients

Chris and Gary Johnson’s connection to U-M began with a passion for athletics and grew to include a commitment to helping the patients and families at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

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John Herring

One for the Kids

Growing up wasn't easy for John Herring. "I never met my mother; I only met my father twice- once at his funeral," he recalls...

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Caren Deming

Finding Home, Again

Caren Deming (AB '65, TeachCert '65, AM '70, PhD '75) spent a significant amount of time in Rackham when she was a student and finds that 40...

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John Jackson

Paying it Forward

"I saw almost immediately how important a great public university is to its students and the community," Jackson says.

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Kolby Gadd

Paving the Way

In 2014, Kolby Gadd journeyed to Ann Arbor from Utah for graduate studies in the School of Education. Gadd chose U-M for its academic excellence...

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Charles S. Chuck Hutchins

An Easy Way to Give Back

When you pass 80 years and look back, realizing the impact of Michigan on your life, it's difficult not to be a big Michigan supporter.

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Andrea Sachs

A Michigan Family Story

When I enrolled at Michigan in 1971, it came as no surprise to anyone. All through my childhood, my parents had proudly called Ann Arbor their second home.

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Hill Auditorium

The Bequest behind Hill Auditorium

In 1894, Albert A. Stanley, director of what was then the School of Music, and Frances W. Kelsey, president of the University Musical Society, determined the need for an adequate auditorium for the university.

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Stuart and Barbara Bloom

To the World and Back Again

Stuart Bloom (BS '62) of Los Angeles couldn't make it to campus for his milestone 50th reunion in 2012, so this past fall...

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John Varriano, Jr.

Not a Moment Wasted

John Varriano, Jr. (AB '65, MA '66, PhD '70) arrived in Ann Arbor in the early 1960s, a doctor's son with aspirations of becoming a writer.

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